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Safeguarding  has never had a higher profile.  It is now at the forefront of the consciousness of parents, government and media. Syzygy Safeguarding can offer a solution to this conundrum: a new approach to a comprehensive safeguarding function delivering affordable access to focused and tailored services. 

We can deliver affordable access to focused and tailored services. Providing organisations with:

  • Real expertise in service delivery and operation - the right skills and knowledge at the right time

  • Financial certainty - an agreed package for delivery of your safeguarding function

  • Reduced risk - an effective, planned and well serviced function providing training and future proofing for safeguarding


We provide a wide range of safeguarding services which include:

  • Policy and procedures which are continuously updated to meet current legislation and best practice

  • Case management and investigation

  • Training

  • Organisational safeguarding risk assessment

  • Management of disciplinary processes

  • Mediation

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