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Syzygy Clerking
Cleking for school governing bodies


We are committed to providing an efficient and effective administration support service to governing bodies.  All clerks employed by the company are trained and are regularly briefed on new developments and current issues in education.


We can provide you with

  • An appointed clerk to your governing body

  • Where possible, a replacement, at no additional cost, if the regular clerk is unable to attend or continue for any reason 

  • A specialist clerk if necessary for disciplinary, grievance or exclusion hearings

We carefully select and train our own staff and monitor the quality of their work.  We encourage them to take training provided by Local Authorities and to become fully accredited by completing the National Clerks Development Programme. They also benefit from regular briefings and get-togethers, our library of key governance data and best practice, and our online forum.​

Our fully trained clerks will :
  • Liaise with  the Chair of Governors/ Headteacher to prepare and circulate meeting  agendas within legal timescales, including electronic  collation and circulation of supporting papers

  • Prepare for the meeting, including taking advice and gathering of information as required

  • Provide minutes in your preferred format within ten working days of the meeting

  • Manage any follow-up correspondence/ information gathering as required

  • Prepare and circulate minutes and supporting papers after the governing board meetings

  • Act as a point of contact for governors and headteachers between meetings as required

Offer advice on:

  • Appropriate procedures required by the statutory frameworks that governing bodies operate within which governing boards operate

  • Committee structures and terms of reference

  • Termly and annual timetables relevant to your governing body

  • Legal framework for school governance​


We can also provide additional services as needed.

If you would like more detail about our services please have a look at our brochure for 2023-24:

If you are interested in our services, please go to our:

If you are interested in joining us as a clerk, please go to:

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