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School Clerking Services

Having a trained, independent  clerk  for your Governing Body is an essential component of the smooth running of a school.  Schools have entered an unprecedented time of change in the education landscape. With the development of Academies and Free Schools, changes to Ofsted regulations and more autonomy, schools have to be more accountable.   

The Department for Education regards the role of the clerk as crucial to governing body effectiveness and believes that the Clerk to Governors has a central role in providing procedural, administrative and organisational support to governing bodies helping to ensure that the governing body meets its statutory duties.

Syzygy Clerking Services has been established for this purpose. We are committed to providing an efficient and effective administration support service to governing bodies.  All clerks employed by the company are trained and will be regularly briefed on new developments and current issues in education.  In addition, the quality of their work will be rigorously monitored.  

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